I am the Defender of the Vulnerable.

I am the 8th Amendment.

I Protect

The Different

I guarantee equality between the "normal" and the different. Wherever abortion is legal, babies are aborted just because they are sick or disabled, or have special needs.

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The Poor

I demand real solutions for the poor. Working Class areas experience the brunt of government policies which undermine the family. Abortion is another bad solution for the problems of the poor.

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The Healthy

The majority of abortions are committed against healthy babies in countries where abortion is legal. In some cases, simply because of being a boy or a girl. I stop this sort of discrimination in Ireland.

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Pregnant women are entitled to expect the highest standards of medical care. The 8th Amendment supports this by underpinning a model of care which strives to do the best for both mother and baby.

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The Innocent

Some argue that abortion should be legal for pregnancies resulting from rape. Many wonder, “what sort of logic forces a victim of violent rape to give birth to a rapist's child”?

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