The Baby

I protect babies. the majority of abortions in countries where abortion is legal are committed against perfectly healthy babies. In some cases, babies, especially baby girls, are killed just for being the ‘wrong’ sex READ MORE

From conception, a new and unique human being exists. He or she is not part of the mother’s body, but is a self-directing organism which grows and develops over the nine months until ready to live outside the womb.

At 21 days’ gestation the baby's heart starts beating. After one month the baby's neural tube, which develops into the nervous system, is formed. After two months the baby has developed all his or her facial features. The baby is undeniably a human being from the moment of conception.

Pro-abortion campaigners have made it their mission to misinform people on the humanity of the unborn baby. Their aim is to persuade people that the unborn baby is just ‘a clump of cells’ or something less than human and, consequently, that the unborn baby has no rights.

I protect unborn babies’ humanity, their right to life, and their chance of a future. Scientific evidence proves that a baby is human from the moment of conception and humans should be protected by human rights.

In Britain, more than 1 in 5 healthy unborn babies are aborted. These babies are perfectly healthy and have the same right to life as you or I.

In Ireland 1 in 19 pregnancies are aborted in UK abortion clinics.

Despite the real differences between Ireland and Britain, there is no evidence to suggest that, if Ireland had a similar abortion law to Britain’s, it would not end up with a similar abortion rate.

Whatever the stage of the baby’s life, whether born or unborn, the essence, nature, DNA, humanity and rights of the baby are the same.

I have protected babies since 1983, stand with me so I can continue to protect their rights.


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